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Mezzanine Systems
Add usable space to your facility with one of these mezzanine systems.

As business at your warehouse expands, you’ll eventually need to expand your operations in order to keep up with increased demands. More space will be needed to store products or manufacturing materials, or simply to provide additional office space close to the warehouse floor. While you might think its time to move to a bigger facility, the costs and hassles associated with this may make you think twice. But an easier, and less expensive, way to gain more workable space in your facility is by having a mezzanine installed! There are three basic types of mezzanine systems that all can be used to help you expand your operations.

1. Structural Mezzanine Systems

The structural mezzanine system is supported by shelving which expands your storage capabilities. The supporting base of the mezzanine combines with this shelving system in the form of a walkway or structure flooring. If you need to store heavier cargo or need longer column distances, this mezzanine can be built with I-beams to support this usage.

2. Deck-Over Shelving Mezzanine Systems

A deck-over shelving mezzanine system uses shelving to give the support for the top level of the infrastructure. This mezzanine system has an open deck on the second deck to provide a wide variety of storage options and shelving sizes. For example, you could use forklifts to move pallets of material onto the top level of the mezzanine on the open side. This system also allows for you to rearrange the setup as your storage needs change, making it a highly adaptable system.

3. Catwalk Mezzanine Systems

Catwalk systems use shelving systems to support the mezzanine structure, and the shelving on the second floor forms a catwalk pathway between the rows. It is ideal for giving workers a path to move above the warehouse floor level to different parts of the facility quickly.

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