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Types of Mezzanines
In general, mezzanines fall into three types. Which kind is right for your facility?

Mezzanines are useful additions to facilities primarily because they allow you to maximize your space utility, streamline processes, and increase overall productivity. In addition, they are easy to design, construct, and implement. This ensures that your facility can still operate efficiently during every stage of the process. When considering whether a mezzanine makes sense for your facility, it’s worth knowing three different types of mezzanines which you could have installed. One of the three may make more sense than the others depending on your unique needs.


A free-standing mezzanine doesn’t need another structure to support it, making them a versatile option for most warehouse layouts. The only requirement is ensuring that the slab thickness on the floor is tough enough to withstand the additional weight. Free-standing mezzanines are the best option if you want to maximize the effectiveness of your clearance space. In addition, they are considered capital equipment and depreciate over seven years.


Catwalk mezzanines connect one upper area of your warehouse to another and are often used as viewing platforms. Catwalks allow facilities to operate with high shelving units – while the lower parts of the shelves can be accessed from the floor, a worker can climb a staircase to the catwalk to get to the upper parts. They allow air to flow around the warehouse freely and are a smart, economical choice for many companies.

Full Mat

A full mat mezzanine combines the best of free-standing and catwalk mezzanines. This type utilizes existing structural elements such as shelving or racks to create the upper floor. In many instances, full mat mezzanines can be constructed over existing storage to further maximize space utility.

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