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Warehouse Layout and Design
An empty space has a lot of opportunity. Make the most out of your space with these warehouse layout and design tips.

In a warehouse environment, speed and safety are two of the most important qualities to have and promote. You need your processes to run smoothly and efficiently, and your facility’s layout and design can play a crucial role in determining whether they do. Luckily, there are established best practices which have been developed to help facilities of all sizes achieve this. Whether you need to make improvements to your existing setup or designing a brand new facility from the ground up, these three tips should help you in your quest for the best warehouse layout and design for your needs.

1. Picking the Proper Racking

The best pallet rack system for your business will depend fairly heavily on your specific operations. However, you should also consider the size and structure of your building too, as these can also play a role in determining the efficiency of your racking setup. You’ll need to properly identify the pallet sizes required for your operations, choose the vehicles best suited for each operation, and determine spaces for receivables and any supporting areas. By considering these things carefully, you can help your facility achieve peak efficiency in picking, docking, and handling.

2. Safety Measures

While safety measures are critical for the well-being of your workforce and keeping the costs of accidents at a minimum, they are also designed to keep your facility running smoothly, so it’s important to keep safety in mind when drawing up your warehouse layout and design. By ensuring that products are easy to access, you can promote more efficient processes and keep everyone safe.

3. Account for Your Space

There’s a lot to squeeze in a warehouse. Clearly, storage space for your products and equipment is a necessity, but there are other things to think about fitting in. Office space (modular or permanent), loading docks, industrial space for processing, and spaces for your digital infrastructure will all need homes within your setup. Consider what is absolutely necessary for your operations, and ensure that they get a proper amount of space. At the same time, make sure you aren’t underutilizing any areas of your warehouse. Wasted space will do nothing for you – every inch of your facility should serve some purpose in your overall scheme.

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