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Wire Caging
Wire caging has a few useful applications within a warehouse setting.

Good warehouse design is critical to ensuring its success and smooth operation. On the one hand, efficiency should be considered thoughtfully during the planning stages, and this depends heavily on creating great flow within your setup. However, there is another consideration to be made – that of safety and security. This may seem contradictory to the idea of flow – security principles revolve around restricting access to a particular thing. But a combination of good flow and good security will help everyone in your facility stay productive as well as safe. Wire caging is one of the most practical ways to promote safety in your facility. Here are three ways you could use wire caging.

Protection for Equipment

Your valuable equipment needs a good storage solution as much as your own products and pallets do! If tools are left to lay out on the floor you could be looking at expensive repair and replacement costs. Wire caging allows for a dedicated space for your equipment that is well-protected and secured. Combined with some basic organization techniques, you can even implement this storage space as part of your drive for greater efficiency!

Protecting Employees from Hazards

Wire caging also shines when it is used to stored hazardous materials commonly used in your facility. To minimize risk of danger from hazards, employees should be provided a barrier of space between themselves and the materials themselves.

Storing Valuable Goods

In some facilities, the items they produce need to be stored with an elevated level of protection and security. Pharmaceutical manufacturers and high-tech producers must ensure that their products are safe from theft or other shortage. Wire caging is a very practical solution to this issue that can help your company protect its assets.

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