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Warehouse Layout Optimization
Warehouse layout optimization can help streamline your processes and improve worker productivity.

The layout and design of your warehouse have a considerable impact on the overall efficiency and productivity of your operations. So, as processes evolve and your needs change, your warehouse layout ought to keep pace. Warehouse layout optimization involves asking yourself a few key questions, then implementing solutions to address any issues that may be hindering your facility’s productivity. Here are three considerations to make as you think about how to optimize your warehouse layout.

1. What are My Fastest-Moving Products?

Your quickest-moving products need to be located in the best possible location to speed up processes and increase efficiency. In most instances, these products need to be placed in a location that is as close to your shipping dock as possible to reduce walking time for your workers and cut loading and shipping times. Have a look at your data to determine the fastest-moving products in your facility and make plans to move their storage location closer to the shipping dock if they are not already there. There may also be an opportunity to redesign your layout and create storage space closer to the dock to further improve productivity.

2. Do I Need Additional Storage Space?

Whether for anticipated growth in the future or short-term seasonal increases of business, extra storage space is a factor that ought to be accounted for when optimizing your warehouse layout. Potential solutions to this problem include the construction of a mezzanine level or re-examining your pallet rack system to figure out if there is a more efficient way to store your products.

3. Is My Equipment Improving Shipping Times?

Warehouse layout optimization doesn’t just end with improving its physical space. The equipment that you use also needs to work well within the structure of your space. Conduct interviews with managers in your facility and consult the professionals at S.W. Betz to analyze your processes and make equipment recommendations that will ensure that your equipment fits in with the rest of your layout.

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