3 Ways Mezzanines Are Used as Warehouse Layout Solutions

Every warehouse reaches a point where they are in need of new warehouse layout solutions. There may not be enough storage space, or there may be a lack of walkways or poor accessibility. Mezzanines are a leading solution to facility layout concerns. Below, we list three ways mezzanine installation benefits and improves a layout system.mezzanines-warehouse-layout-solutions

Additional Storage

A popular use for mezzanines is as an additional storage structure. Creating multiple levels of storage in a warehouse facility uses space that is often available but not utilized. The versatility of mezzanine floors makes them storage-friendly for a variety of facilities, including shipping and packaging. When floor space runs out, these structures provide additional storage support.

Improving Accessibility and Efficiency

If your warehouse employees have to spend time figuring out the best way to get from point A to point B, it will have a negative effect on efficiency and productivity. When accessibility is difficult on the floor, a mezzanine can provide quick and easy access wherever workers need to go. The addition of staircases and ladders to mezzanines creates quick access points as well.

Operations Management

For facilities with multiple operations, such as assembly lines and packing, mezzanines provide a solution for operations management. Being able to designate separate areas to different warehouse operations has a positive impact on productivity and ease of organization. Mezzanines are sound structures, and are able to easily support assembly equipment, packing stations, and more.
You may find mezzanines can improve your warehouse layout in one or more of the above ways, or even in ways not listed here. To learn more about how a mezzanine flooring system can benefit your facility, talk to the experts here at S.W. Betz.

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