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Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors
Vertical reciprocating conveyors make great additions to mezzanines and have a number of benefits for your facility.

When it comes to adding more space for storage, you are always looking for the most cost-efficient way to best utilize the amount of space you have. This usually means building mezzanines in your storage facility in order to capitalize and fully utilize the space. However, you still have to consider all the heavy lifting you will have to do and how you can make that process safer and easier for your employees. This is where vertical reciprocating conveyors come in handy for your mezzanines, as they can clearly benefit you and your mezzanines in at least four different ways.

Cost Effective

Much like your mezzanines, vertical reciprocating conveyors tend to be the cost effective solution for heavy lifting. Unlike forklifts, vertical reciprocating conveyors need minimal maintenance and inspections, which is one way you will be saving money in the long run with them.

Important for safety

One of the most important benefits vertical reciprocating conveyors can provide for you, your mezzanines, and your employees is an added sense of safety in your facility. Vertical reciprocating conveyors cannot tip over and become unbalanced, and can also come with an equipped enclosed framework to prevent the risk of employees falling off the mezzanine while loading and unloading. There is also the added benefit that vertical reciprocating conveyors can function without operator error due to their strong structural support.

Increase productivity

Another fantastic benefit that vertical reciprocating conveyors can provide for you when you have mezzanines is that they can drastically increase productivity. By relying on the conveyor more than an employee, you will be able to move heavy loads more quickly, smoothly, and higher than ever before.

Customizable for your needs

Vertical reciprocating conveyors are also fantastic because they are easily customizable for you and whatever type of mezzanine you may have. When they are custom-built at the manufacturing facility, they can be made to fit whatever needs you may have for them once they arrive at your building. They are also great for a variety of industries, including food, automotive, manufacturing, and furniture just to name a few.

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