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Custom Mezzanine
There are a few things you should think about when planning a custom mezzanine for your facility.

When it comes to adding valuable storage or office space in your facility, a custom mezzanine is the best choice and can help your organization thrive. Mezzanines helps you squeeze the most out of every inch of your building by utilizing the vertical space already available in your warehouse. For spaces with existing machinery and building supports already in place, a custom mezzanine should be designed with a few key considerations in mind. Here are some things to think about as you set out planning for a new custom mezzanine for your warehouse.

Mezzanine Purpose

Mezzanines can serve several purposes, so it’s worth considering how exactly you plan to use yours. Some facilities use a mezzanine for additional storage space for their products. Others need office and administrative space. And still others create an observation deck area with a mezzanine for vendors and facility managers to look down upon the work happening below. Each of these uses will entail unique ways to construct the custom mezzanine to suit the different maximum load-bearing requirements.

Building Codes

If your custom mezzanine is planned as part of a more permanent solution to your storage needs, you may need to check in with local, state, and federal building regulations to determine the specific laws governing its construction and usage before building. Depending on the locality, you may need to secure a permit before beginning construction.

Check Out Your Existing Space

Can your current warehouse floor accommodate a mezzanine? You may need to extensively redesign the floor in order to do so, depending on how you envision your mezzanine will be used. Consider what changes you may need to make to get your new custom mezzanine setup to work efficiently.

Consult a Professional

Working with a company that specializes in warehouse design and mezzanine installation like the S.W. Betz Company is the best way to make the mezzanine planning and construction process smooth!

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