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Warehouse Layout and Design
Use these strategies to ensure the efficiency of your new warehouse layout and design.

Coming up with a great warehouse layout and design entails careful planning. There are a number of options to consider and some of these options will have more practical application than others for your facility. In addition, you have to consider both your current needs as well as how those needs might evolve in the future. Without the proper layout and design considerations, you will end up with issues in capacity, production, and storage. What are some of the general principles that go into a great warehouse layout and design?

Using the Cube

Utilize all available and potential space in your warehouse. This includes not only floor space at ground level but also any available vertical space. Maximize cube and ground level square feet and utilize a variety of sizes in regards to your location storage media – one size fits all is not a good approach for maximizing space efficiency.

Systems Focus

Three activities form the backbone of your operations and should be given added attention: slotting, replenishment, and location control. Assuring that these activities are taken care of will make operations run more smoothly and efficiently.

Minimizing Travel Time

In any given warehouse or distribution center, more than half of total labor time paid out is spent on walking from one point to another. So minimizing this time can help you maximize the productivity of your workforce. Effective layout and slotting process can be implemented in your warehouse layout and design in order to help reduce travel time.

Providing Some Flexibility

You never know what might come up in the future, so a great warehouse layout and design possesses the qualities of flexibility and scalability. When your business or fulfillment model changes unexpectedly, you don’t want to be left with an expensive addition as the only option available.

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