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Effective Warehouse Design
What goes into effective warehouse design? These 4 components play a big role.

In the modern global economy, good warehouse design plays a more important role than it ever has. A well-intentioned layout and design can make the difference between a successful business venture and one that is barely able to keep pace. This is especially true in distribution centers given the furious growth of e-commerce and the widespread adaptation of new technologies such as automation. There are a great number of components that make a warehouse design successful and efficient, but here are four big ones to start off.


Safety is a key consideration in the design of any warehouse, no matter what processes may be occurring there. Fire suppression systems, evacuation plans, and emergency exit placement will all need to be planned for carefully to ensure the safety of all of your employees. In addition, other design aesthetics, such as proper lighting on the floor and proper equipment, are much more important for worker safety than they appear on first glance.

Ceiling Height and Column Spacing

Effective warehouse design entails getting the most out of your existing space. So, when building from scratch, you’ll get one opportunity to design your space. Giving careful thought to components such as the height of your ceiling clearance and how much space to provide between columns will have a huge impact on the amount of storage you’ll have at your disposal. Always plan for more space than you think you might need to account for future growth.

Providing Power for Automated Technology

If your facility is planning to use automated technology for some processes, it’s worth remembering that they’ll need adequate sources of power to run. And, as in the case with space, you should plan to have more than you think you need ready in case your operations grow.

Flat Floors

Flooring is actually a major component of effective warehouse design owing to the amount of traffic it has to endure on a daily basis. Perfectly leveled floors reduce inefficiency, increase safety at your facility, and can withstand higher loads of storage.

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