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Modular Offices
Modular offices can serve many purposes within your warehouse facility. Learn more below!

In warehouse design, modular offices are some of the most flexible pieces available in a designer’s toolbox. They are easy to put together and tear apart for relocation later, and they come in many different sizes – both single-story and multi-level. Moreover, they can serve several purposes in a warehouse facility, from housing administrative offices to acting as server rooms for your critical infrastructure or even as break rooms for your employees to enjoy their lunch breaks. Here are four reasons why modular offices could support your warehouse design and processes.

1. Versatility

Modular offices can be implemented for a number of reasons, and you can easily modify your setup to serve other purposes as your needs evolve. For example, if you need to use your modular office for storage purposes during a busy period, you can modify it to suit that need temporarily. And if you need to move the office space to another part of the floor, that can also be done with ease.

2. Quick Installation

Since modular construction uses prefabricated panels, it is much quicker to install than traditional construction projects. This will allow your new space to be up and operable in less time, meaning less downtime and interruptions to your processes.

3. Great for Your Company Bottom Line

In addition to their quick turn-around time and a lessened impact on company operations than traditional construction projects, modular offices are also more cost-effective to purchase and repair over the long haul. Your company may also benefit come tax time – project costs associated with modular construction are treated as capital equipment, which depreciates over 7 years, as opposed to the 39-year depreciation for regular construction.

4. Environmentally Friendly

Modular offices are not only easier on the environment as a whole, they also promote a safe work environment as well. Their construction minimizes employee exposure to dust and contaminants, while their material composition can meet or exceed certain LEED guidelines.

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