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Mezzanine Customization
Customization options, such as gates and guardrails, can enhance the utility of your new mezzanine.

We’ve discussed before how mezzanines can make life at your facility a lot easier and more efficient. Mezzanines can serve many different purposes at your warehouse because they are very customizable. Even if you already have an idea as to how your new mezzanine may be utilized, the number of customization options available may cause you to rethink the possibilities. Here are some of those customization options that you can implement in your new mezzanine.


An incline conveyor is a great option if you need to move goods between the ground level and mezzanine level in a continuous flow – for example, in facilities where picking and packing may be required. They are easy to operate, can be anchored at ground level, and can be setup for manual or automated loading. In addition, the incline conveyor can be attached to conveyors on the mezzanine level itself.


For facilities which do not need a continuous flow of goods from ground to mezzanine level, lifts may be a better option, particularly if you need to move bulkier items. A lift can be designed and installed in accordance with your unique dimensional and load capacity requirements.


Guardrails are the most essential of the customization options available for a mezzanine. As we have mentioned before, guardrails are a critical component of a facility’s fall prevention plan and will protect your workers. If you plan on having pallets unloaded through a gap in the barrier, pallet gates will be required.

Office Partitions

Partition walls can serve to divide your mezzanine into units, which can then be utilized as storage rooms or as offices for your staff. They can be manufactured with different materials and customized almost endlessly. With features such as fire resistance, sound insulation, windows, heating and cooling, and lighting available, your partitions can be made according to your needs.

Flooring Options

The customization options available for your mezzanine floor, such as particle board, steel floor plating, and welded grating, will be determined primarily by its application. Some of the things you’ll need to consider are durability, non-slip surface material, moisture and fire resistance, and the load bearing ability that will be necessary.

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