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Finding the best rack system for your facility depends on what you need. Organizing your warehouse is the first step towards making it more efficient. Efficiency improves productivity which in turn keeps customers happy. However, you can’t make workflow the priority at the expense of your employees. Their well-being is one of the reasons why you’re thinking about upgrading your racking systems in the first place. 

5 Factors to Consider When Installing a New Rack System
Finding the best rack system for your facility depends on what you need.


Improving Storage Potential 

When you can improve your warehouse’s storage potential, then you can expand your inventory. A wider selection can give you an edge over your competitors. Maximizing your storage space is important, but you still have to have clearly-defined aisles that are easy to navigate. Otherwise, it could become a fire hazard during an emergency situation. Stock keeping unit codes or SKUs can make your life easier. Smooth out operational headaches by using deep-lane storage to make your warehouse even more efficient. Different types of deep-lane storage include  

Enhancing Selectivity

You also want to emphasize selectivity. This means that certain pallets are prioritized over others. These pallets are easier to access. The problem with selectivity is that other pallets that don’t need to be accessed as frequently can quickly fall into neglect. 

Valuing FIFO 

Whether you want to make FIFO or LIFO the focus of your warehouse will depend on what you need to do. New rack systems can make life easier for everyone involved either way. First in/first out systems and first in/last out systems call for different pallet arrangements. Burying stocks might increase operational costs in terms of how hard your employees need to work and whatever handling costs those might include. 

Picking Configurations 

Speaking of arrangements, you will also need to keep your picking configurations in mind. Pallets, cases, and pieces will all come into play, so it comes down to the layout of your warehouse that might make this easier or harder. 

Making Life Easier on Forklift Drivers 

Your facility can’t function without well-maintained forklifts that aren’t in danger of being damaged. Forklifts need plenty of vertical and horizontal clearance, so that will also play a role in how your new rack systems are set up, both now and in the future. 


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