5 Ways Your Warehouse Can Use Wire Partitions

Wire partitions are a versatile warehouse storage solution that benefits a variety of applications. They serve as a protective barrier, keeping valuables in and unwanted individuals out. There are many practical uses for woven wire and mesh wire systems, but we’ll give you the top five below:wire partitions warehouse storage maryland

Security for valuables

While you may trust your employees to be well-behaved around warehouse valuables, sometimes strangers become a part of the equation. If you ever have any non-employee visitors, or you want to make sure your valuables are safe at all times, wire partitions are a great solution. With custom sizing available, they work for valuables of any size.

Protect equipment

You’ve sorted out warehouse storage for your products and pallets, now you need solutions for your equipment. Without a safe place to store equipment, you risk costly accidents and damage to equipment that isn’t cheap to replace. Storing equipment in wire partitions is a great way to cover all your bases.

Protect employees

Equipment and valuables protection is important, but what about your employees? If your warehouse handles dangerous chemicals or substances, using wire partitions as a part of a safe warehouse storage plan puts space between your employees and potentially harmful products or substances.

Get organized

Organization in every area is an important part of successful warehouse logistics. Wire partitions aid in organization by providing separate, closed-off areas that can be designated to separate purposes.

Make space

Certain designated areas such as employee break areas or offices benefit from wire partitions in warehouses and other open facilities. Partitions not only protect, but they also separate and give designation to the areas they enclose. They’re a great way to set contained areas for employee or office setups.
Although the above uses are most common, there are many more practical uses for wire partitions for warehouse storage and other applications. Talk to S.W. Betz today about your options!

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