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More facilities are turning to modular offices versus traditional construction. Their installation is quick, inexpensive and clean for minimum downtime, and the panels can be exchanged for doors and windows as needed. They are customized solutions to any space you wish to have enclosed within your facility.

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Modular offices are pre-built modules that fit together to form the perfect, custom office space for your warehouse, giving you the space you need.

Here are 7 ways in-plant modular buildings are used in today’s warehouses and facilities.

Environmental Enclosures

For operations and machinery that need to be safely enclosed, modular buildings work perfectly. There’s no need for permanent construction to store machinery or products which are regulated and require housing.

CMM Rooms

Quality control is best perfumed in modular structures due to insulated walls, adjustable ceiling heights, customized door and window abilities, and the ability to build them around existing equipment and structures.

Factory & Warehouse Offices

Why construct a permanent office space when you may wish to move it to better utilize factory or warehouse storage space? Modular offices allow flexibility in location, and the ability to exchange panels or adjust size means they adapt well to facility changes.

Print Rooms

Printing can be a loud and disruptive process. By housing them in a modular building, expensive printing equipment is protected, and it provides sound, temperature, and humidity control.

Machine Enclosures

Loud, expensive, or large machinery can operate securely in modular offices. Any sort of printing, medical, pharmaceutical, injection molding, and various other machinery can benefit from the customizable walls a modular building provides.

Inspection Rooms

Environmental control is important for inspection rooms. When limited chances of contamination, specific temperatures and humidity, and/or cleanroom conditions are required, modular offices step up to the task.


Even if your facility doesn’t have large machinery, printing, or quality control, modular offices are always a great storage solution for anything of value or that needs safe keeping.
Chances are, your facility can benefit from an in-plant modular building. To learn more, contact S.W. Betz today!

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