Regional Seafood Distributor - S.W. Betz

Project Details


Powder-coated selective pallet rack galvanized selective pallet rack, galvanized case flow rack, galvanized push back rack

Customer Description

Our customer is a distributor of high-quality fresh and frozen seafood in the Mid-Atlantic region. They cater to a wide range of customers, from bars and grills to sushi restaurants, and American steakhouses. This includes large nationwide chain restaurants and local eateries.


Our customer was looking to build a new facility as they had outgrown their smaller, segmented existing facility. The new building would be much more open and would provide an opportunity for growth. There was a significant need for storage solutions as there were a number of different products that needed to be stored including some frozen food, some fresh food, as well as cardboard packaging for shipping and storage. The areas where fresh product was being stored was refrigerated and was a very wet and salty environment. This was a scenario where the customer was looking to consult with a professional to help them lay out their space.


The first thing that we did was understand our customer’s operations. This meant learning about what they were storing and how they needed to store it. We took time to hear about the pallet sizes they had as well as their weights. Some items were palletized and selective pallet rack and push back racking were optimal solutions. Other items were stored by case and case flow was the best solution. In the freezer area, we provided powder coated selective pallet rack and provided them with the maximum amount of pallet spaces in that area. All other racking was hot dipped galvanized due to the wet and salty environment. A galvanized push back racking system was recommended for an area of finished product that would be shipped out on a daily basis. In areas where case flow was needed, we provided galvanized pallet racking that had selective storage up top and case flow capability down low. This allowed our customer to store pallets of product above. As they needed to replace the cases below, they could bring down a pallet, break it down and fill the case flow system. Galvanized selective pallet rack was provided for their cardboard packaging storage.

Mezzanine Distributors consulted with the customer, provided a layout that would both maximize storage space and work for their many different needs, procured materials from multiple vendors, shipped all materials to the job site, and worked with the general contractor to install the systems without issue. The customer is now in their new facility and has significant operational room to grow and expand capacity. This will give their sales operations new opportunities and our customer is poised for significant growth.

Client Testimonial:

“Working with Mezzanine Distributors on many projects, big and small, has always been a pleasure. Pearce always has solutions for a variety of issues working in the food industry presents.”

  • Client Regional Seafood Distributor
  • Category Distribution
  • Project Location Jessup, MD
  • Year Built 2017