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There are many different pallet racking systems available for your facility. One of those options is a pushback racking system. But how do you know which type of system is best for your needs? You can use a pushback racking system in conjunction with other types of racking systems. Call the experts at S.W. Betz today for your warehouse design consultation. 

Advantages of Installing a Pushback Racking System
You can use a pushback racking system in conjunction with other types of racking systems.

High-Density Storage

A pushback racking system is ideal for facilities that need to store high volumes. The pallets are all right up against one another, allowing for more to be stored in less space. 

Highly Versatile

Pushback racking systems work well for a variety of different industries, including automotive, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, food and beverage, and so many more. Regardless of the industry you’re in, a pushback racking system can store a variety of different items as well. As long as it can fit on a pallet, it can fit into this type of racking system. 

Increased Efficiency

Compared to other types of racking systems, pushback systems can be loaded and unloaded relatively quickly. Less time spent loading and unloading pallets from the racks means that employees are able to devote more time and attention to completing other tasks, such as completing orders or getting products shipped out. 


Installing a pushback racking system in your facility is an investment that can end up saving your business money in the long run. This type of pallet racking system stores a large amount of inventory in such a way that utilizes every bit of available space. You will need fewer racks for storing your items. 

Durability and Longevity

When investing in a quality racking system for your facility, you want to make sure it is going to last as long as possible. S.W. Betz partners with all of the best manufacturers and use the highest quality materials to ensure our clients get the best products possible. 

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