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A modular office built on top of a mezzanine is a great way to increase the floor space of your warehouse while adding the office space you need.

Being able to hold meetings, balance books, and complete other managerial duties is hard to do in the middle of a warehouse. With all of the work and the noise, not to mention the forklift traffic and pallet rack full of inventory taking up most of the space, a quiet spot to hold a conversation can be a luxury. While modular offices are designed to solve all of these problems, they do take up vital floor space. If you are finding that you can’t go on without a modular office any longer, consider having yours built on a mezzanine to create a second story office.

Keep Your Existing Floor Space

If you absolutely need to add an office to your warehouse but can’t sacrifice an inch of floor space then a modular office built on a mezzanine is definitely the solution for you. Getting the office up off the ground allows you to continue to use the space beneath it just like you have been, or gives you the opportunity to repurpose the space for a new objective. In most cases it is possible to build a modular office on an existing mezzanine. If you find later on that your office is best served in another location, or you need to use the mezzanine for a different type of work, modular offices can be relocated.

And Add More

Modular offices don’t have to take up all of the space on a new mezzanine. If you need office space and more storage or production space, a mezzanine with modular offices will hit every mark on your checklist. You can add the offices you need while actually increasing your total floor space.

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