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selective pallet rack
Selective pallet rack is a great FIFO system for warehouses with a large amount of different products.

All types of pallet rack have their advantages and disadvantages, so it falls onto business owners and warehouse managers to figure out what kind of rack is best for their warehouse. They aren’t alone, of course. The S.W. Betz Company can help you determine what kind of pallet rack is best for your facility and give you the information you need to make informed decisions. With that in mind, here are a few of the advantages of selective pallet rack, the most common type of pallet rack.


Despite selective pallet rack being limited to depth of one pallet, the advantage is that you have access to a high number of different units. This is a great advantage to warehouses that stock a large number of different items in low quantities. Selective pallet rack gives you access to every pallet in your warehouse.


Selective pallet rack is a first in, first out (FIFO) system. The access you have to every pallet that we talked about is what makes this a FIFO system, but there are other systems too, such as first in, last out (FILO). A FILO system is great for non-perishable inventory since the the first unit put onto the rack will have to wait until all of the units loaded after are removed. They also take up considerably more space than a FIFO system. This makes a FILO system a poor fit for warehouses that hold perishable inventory, need constant access to each pallet, or need to maximize space to hold a large number of different items.


The biggest advantage to selective pallet rack or any other single depth rack is that multiple forklifts or other types of equipment can work in an aisle at once. This can help improve efficiency in your warehouse.

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