All About Spanco Jib Cranes

Discover why Spanco Jib Cranes are such a popular choice for many businesses.
Discover why Spanco Jib Cranes are such a popular choice for many businesses.

Spanco Jib Cranes are effective tools for your warehouse and can transport a wide variety of materials in semi-circles or full circles around their base. Spanco Jib Cranes are also used to transport materials to nearby workstations. Why are Spanco Jib Cranes such a popular choice for many businesses?

The Basics

Spanco Jib Cranes can quickly fold out of the way and come equipped with two different axes so that they can navigate around potential obstacles. If you choose a Spanco model that is wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, or an all wall-traveling option, it won’t even require any floor space in your warehouse. SW Betz offers Spanco Jib Cranes that have a great deal of clearance above and underneath the boom. The capacities range from 100 pounds to over 30,000 pounds, depending on your business’s needs.

Pick the Right Jib for the Job

Choosing the right jib crane is easy if you know what you are looking for. Most businesses choose a Spanco Jib Crane based on:

  • The area of rotation needed. Freestanding and mast cranes will give 360-degrees of access and wall-mounted models offer 200-degrees of rotation.
  • The distance between the crane’s boom and the floor.
  • The height of the jib crane.
  • The working span necessary. The working distance, as a rule of thumb, is the length of the boom.
  • The power needs of the jib crane. Some cranes have a motor drive, trolley, and hoist that all require power. You can use either air or electric power and choose from models that are designed for indoor or outdoor use.
  • The installation process.

Our engineers would love to help you choose the right Spanco Jib Crane for your warehouse.

Spanco Jib Cranes from SW Betz

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