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Avoiding Problems with Your Overhead Crane
An overhead crane can be a valuable piece of warehouse machinery for a variety of different industries.

An overhead crane can be a valuable piece of warehouse machinery for a variety of different industries. Like any other piece of machinery, it can occasionally develop problems. The first step to avoiding these problems is to know how to spot them. If you notice any problem with your crane, stop operation and get the issue resolved right away so that it doesn’t turn into something worse.

Damaged Wire Rope

The wire rope of an overhead crane is where the most common issues come up. There are many different factors that can affect the condition of the rope. The best way to keep the wire rope in your crane fully operational is to inspect it at the beginning of every shift and to make sure it stays properly lubricated. If the wire rope can move easily through the crane then the whole system operates better.

Crane Out of Alignment

If your crane is even slightly out of alignment, over time that can create dangerous problems. The misalignment can put stress on parts of the system that weren’t meant for it, especially when moving heavy loads. Some signs of a misaligned overhead crane are:

  • Wheels, rails, and wheel bearings wearing out prematurely
  • Wheels that separate from the rail and then come crashing down
  • Loud scraping when the crane is operating
  • Cracking or broken wheel flanges
  • Crane requiring extra power to move through certain segments of the track

Worn Out End Truck Wheels

The end of truck wheels on your overhead crane will need lots of maintenance and periodic replacement throughout the life of the crane. Due to the normal use of the machinery, the wheels will eventually wear down. With that said, there are situations that can cause these components to wear down prematurely. If your wheels, bearings, or flanges start to show signs of wear too soon, it can be an indicator of a problem that needs to be addressed.

Damaged or Bent Hooks

The hook of your overhead crane was designed to carry loads a certain way. Since the loads are incredibly heavy, it is important to make sure they are properly situated before moving. Inspect the hook at the beginning and end of each shift to look for any stretching, bending, or cracking.

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