How Can Your Facility Benefit from a Push Back Racking System?
This is a type of high-density storage that can allow long-term storage of almost any item.

If your facility relies on storing pallets, then you should look into installing a push back racking system. This is a type of high-density storage that can allow long-term storage of almost any item. Let’s have a look at how it is supposed to work and what benefits it has in store for you. 

How the System Works

These systems are front-loaded, one by one. The first pallet is loaded into the front of the system. Then it does not move until the second pallet is loaded. That’s because the first pallet will move to accommodate the second. The third pallet is loaded onto the rack in the same way. You can hold up to six pallets on one rack at a time. As each lane fills up, you can switch to the next one and vastly improve the storage space of your facility.

The Benefits

One of the benefits of a push back racking system is that you can increase the amount of storage inside your facility. Think of all you could do with 25% more storage space. You can also reduce labor costs when compared to other similar systems, such as a drive-in pallet racking system.  Also, it is much faster to use this system than when compared to other systems, which can help your workers gain efficiency. You can also choose the items that you want to store on each pallet.

Ways to Use It

No matter what you store in your facility, you can use push back racking systems. Anything that needs to be kept in cold storage is acceptable. Food storage, beverage storage, and grocery items can be held in this system as well. If you need to store multiple pallets but don’t have much room to do it because you own a small warehouse, then this is a good system to use as well. If you have more questions, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with the experts at S.W. Betz about how you can install this system in your facility.

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