How to Choose a Mezzanine That Works for Your Warehouse

This comprehensive guide will allow you to choose a mezzanine that creates additional storage space in a safe and efficient way.

When looking for ways to increase space in your warehouse, mezzanines offer an easy solution that is both functional and versatile. By creating vertical storage space, you are ensuring that your warehouse is both efficient and safe. The next question you must answer is which type of mezzanine works best for your warehouse, employees, and products. With many options to choose from, it’s important to know what your choices are and how to distinguish between them. This comprehensive guide will help you to choose a warehouse mezzanine that creates additional storage space in a safe and efficient way.

Free-Standing Mezzanines

Free-standing mezzanines are a common feature in warehouses with limited space. These mezzanines offer an easy solution for maximizing space and allow you to quickly build a mezzanine nearly anywhere in your warehouse. The versatility of free-standing mezzanines allows for the simple addition of shelving or space for pallet racks that can be rearranged as your warehouse storage needs change over time.

Rack-Supported Mezzanines

For rack-supported mezzanines, you’ll need to plan a way to build your mezzanine above or in between existing pallet racks. With this kind of mezzanine, you must ensure that your pallet racks can support the additional load. These mezzanines are generally more economically-friendly and create an easy way to build pathways in between pallet racks.

Shelving-Supported Mezzanines

If your warehouse houses smaller products, a shelving-supported mezzanine is a good choice for your warehouse. Shelving-supported mezzanines must be installed alongside existing shelving to support additional storage space. Any mezzanine will provide the additional storage space that your warehouse requires. It’s just a matter of choosing the right kind!

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