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Choosing the Right Decking for Your Mezzanine
No matter what mezzanine you choose for your business, it will need the right decking.

No matter what mezzanine you choose for your business, it will need the right decking. Choosing the right decking will make a clear difference. There are many different choices, so it’s time to start narrowing them down.


The most common form of flooring for your mezzanine is called basic decking. Basic decking is known as B-Deck for short. This deck is made of corrugated steel is often reinforced with other materials to make it sturdier. This reinforcement not only makes the flooring stronger but can also cover up gaps in the floor that might present a hazard to you, your employees, and your visitors.


You can also choose wood as a deck for your new mezzanine. Plywood is best-suited for areas with high foot traffic but not much cargo to be carried. Plywood is easy to paint and coat. Wood fiber composites are another type of wooden decking that is even more durable than plywood. Resins added to the wood increase its load-carrying capacity.

Bar Grating

Bar grating is another option you can choose. The grid-like formations are extremely durable, even more so than wood or steel. The bar grates allow easy movement of air and light, but can stop a fire. If you are worried about where to place fire sprinklers inside your building or warehouse, you won’t always need to place them by mezzanines equipped with bar grating.


If you value durability for your mezzanine decking, then you should consider concrete. Concrete is best-suited for areas that you will often need to power-wash. Although steel is more durable than concrete, it’s important to remember that concrete can’t rust like steel can. Concrete is also effective at decreasing noise pollution and providing another layer of protection against fires.


If you need to use forklifts, then you will need steel surfaces to serve as decking for your mezzanine. The steel can take the weight, and can also help to slow down the spread of any fires that might happen.

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