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Modular Office
A modular office can serve many different purposes outside of simply hosting desks and workstations. Learn more below!

Modular offices conjure up the images of desks, computers, and conference tables within a warehouse or other manufacturing facility. While it’s true that the modular office is traditionally used to host an administrative staff or conduct meetings with clients, some companies have found more creative ways to make use of the additional space a modular office provides. Here are a few ways you might be able to use your new modular office to benefit your workers.

Break Room

Most break rooms don’t get too much attention until you’re actually taking your break. Providing a space to rest and recharge without leaving the warehouse is a welcome benefit that your employees will appreciate. You can also outfit a space with tables, a refrigerator, and microwave oven to turn your break room into a full-blown cafeteria space for lunch breaks.


Need a functioning laboratory for your R&D department close to the factory floor? While many facilities require labs to be separate from the main floor, a modular office can be outfitted with all of the infrastructure necessary to make them fully functional.

Powder Coating Booth

If your facility is involved with powder coating, you know that this special kind of paint needs to be sprayed on. This can get messy if you don’t have a self-enclosed space to complete this operation. A modular office is a great, inexpensive way to provide this space and keep your powder coating procedures contained.

IT Room

Warehouses can often be dusty and if your operations rely on technology to run smoothly, this may not be the ideal environment to host your critical systems. Converting a modular office into an IT room can provide a measure of protection and security to make sure your computers and servers won’t fail due to the environment of the facility.

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