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Cost-Effective Warehouse Design
Making your new warehouse cost-effective will require some careful planning.

The success of your new warehouse space depends on a number of factors. Clearly, market and industry trends play a major role in this regard. But nothing is more important than making sure you design your warehouse to be cost-effective. Layout and design are the foundations we use to drive higher productivity, which in turn leads to overall savings for you. How do you design and optimize your warehouse space to be as cost-effective as possible? Here are some tips.

Plan Ahead for Future Expansion

It’s critical to make the most out of the space you have available. According to experts, it is more cost-effective to have unused extra capacity than not to have it when you need it. Do your research and determine when future demands might necessitate the additional space and capacity. When it comes to pallet racks and mezzanines, give these fixtures a higher load-bearing capacity or height than you think you need. Every business wants to grow, so prepare for this eventuality as you make decisions on your new space.

Make Process Maps

How does your warehouse work every day? A cost-effective space ensures that there are no bottlenecks in the workflow – these can stymie production and need to be remedied. Make process maps and follow them as you design your new warehouse space, paying close attention to how processes in one zone might affect the entirety of production. Make any adjustments and modifications as necessary.

Properly Equip Every Zone

The right equipment will ensure that every piece of your production process is ready to work efficiently. As you work through the details of your new space, take care to make sure every zone has all the proper equipment needed for a job well done.

Optimize for Inbound and Outbound Shipments

The warehouse dock is another location to consider carefully when laying out and designing your new warehouse space. An intentional and thought-out design can go to great lengths in making your space as cost-effective as possible.

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