What are the Differences Between Mechanical and Hydraulic Dock Levelers?

Loading docks need some way to bridge gaps between the trucks and the facility floor. A permanent fixture to assist with this is a dock leveler. Fixed to the dock, they lower a metal lip onto the truck for loading and unloading. They come in two operations: mechanical and hydraulic.

loading dock levelers
Dock levelers bridge the gap between the facility floor and the trucks.

Here, we’ll look at the differences between mechanical and hydraulic dock levelers and the benefits of each.

Mechanical Dock Levelers

Mechanical dock levelers are spring-powered, so the lowering of the lip onto the truck requires manual power. It is also positioned onto the trailer of the truck by pulling a chain to allow the lip to extend. The leveler can then be lowered onto the bed of the truck by hand.
Although not as efficient as hydraulic levelers, mechanical levelers tend to cost less up-front. However, one thing to keep in mind is the many parts under pressure which may need replaced, as well as requiring adjustments in weather extremes as we may see here in Baltimore.

Hydraulic Dock Levelers

Hydraulic dock levelers can be initiated by pushing a button, which extends the lip and raises the equipment. There is no pulling chain generally required for hydraulic-powered levelers. Sometimes, they can even be programmed to automatically return to starting position.
They do tend to cost more up-front than mechanical levelers, but money is saved over time as they are efficient and require less maintenance and repairs than traditional mechanical levelers. There is also fewer chances of employee injury with hydraulic equipment.
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