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A mezzanine is a great way to expand your facility at low cost and with minimal disruption.

When business picks up at your warehouse, it can lead to a great feeling. Growth is the goal of any company and seeing all of your hard work pay off is immensely satisfying. But if your facility is already at or near capacity, the prospect of growth may actually seem frightening. Constructing or moving into a new facility is expensive and will halt productivity, potentially halting your growth momentum. How can you increase space in your warehouse efficiently at a low cost? Consider installing a mezzanine in your facility! Here are a few reasons why you should use a mezzanine to effectively double your space.

Stay In Your Existing Facility

Clearly, it is more beneficial to stay in your existing facility than to pick up and move everything to a larger space. Building additions may be less time-consuming but may also cost more than your budget allows. However, when you contact S.W. Betz for a new mezzanine, we can design and install a mezzanine customized to your unique space and optimize it for your usage.

Create a Second Floor

A mezzanine is the best way to maximize your resources if you’re looking to create a second floor in your space. A wholly separate second floor requires many other costs that may not make sense for your company, such as piping, heating, and cooling costs. But a mezzanine floor doesn’t require these additional costs and can be implemented within your existing environment.

Fully Customizable

A mezzanine can be customized to fit any size space and any usage. Whether you need a location for new offices or a place to store products, consulting with the experts at S.W. Betz ensures you get a mezzanine made of the right material for the job. And if you need any other accessories, such as conveyors, guardrails, or lifts, we can implement them into the design.


Mezzanines require very little maintenance after installation, so you won’t need to worry about excessive upkeep costs down the road. This, combined with low initial installation cost relative to full-blown construction, makes a new mezzanine the ideal choice for expanding facilities.

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