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drive-in pallet rack
Drive-through and drive-in pallet rack are great options for increasing warehouse productivity and capacity.

While both drive-through and drive-in pallet rack systems are great for large volumes of like-product, are easily expandable, and can help maximize the available space in your warehouse, there are a few differences between the two that will determine which fits your facility best. Here are the important distinctions between these two systems that will help you decide which system works best for you.


Drive-through pallet rack is a first in, first out (FIFO) system where pallets are loaded from one side of the rack and retrieved from the other. Independent stacking and retrieval is possible with this system, which can help increase efficiency. Plus, this system eliminates the need for multiple aisles.


As opposed to drive-through racking, this system is first in, last out (FILO), meaning it isn’t good for inventory with a short shelf life or a warehouse with a quick inventory turnaround. This system is great for freezer applications since it maximizes space. This system requires skilled forklift operators to follow all safety guidelines and report any damage promptly. There is a higher risk of damage to this type of system since forklift operators must drive into the system to retrieve inventory.

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