Is Drive In Pallet Racking Right for Your Warehouse?

drive in pallet racking
Drive in pallet racking is a great option for some warehouses.

Many warehouse owners struggle with finding effective ways to increase storage. For some, warehouse mezzanines are the best choice, but no solution fits the needs of every warehouse. If you need to increase storage space and aren’t hindered by the need to rotate stock and can work with a first in, last out system, drive in pallet racking might be the right choice for you.


Pallets are driven into the rack by forklift operators and loaded onto horizontal rails anywhere from two to ten pallets deep. The pallets are removed from the same entry point when needed, making this a first in, last out (FILO) storage system. This high-density storage system is best for large amounts of like products that are not time sensitive. Since access aisles are kept to a minimum drive in pallet racking can drastically increase the amount of storage space in your warehouse.


Since it is a FILO system, an entire bay would need to be unloaded in order to reach the last pallet. This can become a problem if you need to rotate inventory, or if your inventory is time sensitive. If your warehouse does not ship enough like-products, you can end up with bays that are underutilized. Finally, drive in pallet racking requires the use of forklifts and are likely to experience some damage. You can have the frames reinforced or install column guards to protect the rack.

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