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Drive-in Racking Systems Can Benefit Your Business
One way to make sure that your warehouse is organized is by using drive-in racking systems.

One way to make sure that your warehouse is organized is by using drive-in racking systems. When your business needs to maintain a warehouse of any size, then you know how having an efficient storage system can only benefit you. Read on to learn more about drive-in racking systems.

Different Types of Racking

There are two main types of drive-in racking systems. Both involve the use of forklifts. The first type is known as single entry racks. This is where the forklifts can only move around on one side of the racks, loading and unloading cargo on that side. This means that the oldest stock in your inventory is kept in the back while newer additions are closer to the front.
The other type of drive-in racking systems is known as double entry racks. Multiple forklifts can access these racks, allowing the loading and unloading process to become quicker and more efficient. Both sides of the racks can be navigated at once with a support beam holding the racks together.

When Do You Use It?

If your inventory requires cold storage, then drive-in racking is one solution that you should consider. When a lack of warehouse space is a concern, then this system can help as well. Although it’s common to stack blocks of racks and stack pallets on top of one another, there are some items you store in your warehouse that are more fragile than others. As such, they should not be stacked. The drive-in rack system is the answer to this storage dilemma.

The Benefits

When you do need to use freezers or cold storage to preserve your products, this method of storage can quickly cause costs to go up. Saving space is essential, and this racking system allows you to make the most of it. Plus, it also boosts your warehouse efficiency since many similar items can be arranged on pallets close together. Although selective racking has its advantages, those advantages do not compare to what drive-in racking systems can bring you.

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