Drum Handling Equipment Must-Haves by Morse

Boxes and pallets may be relatively simple to move and store, but when it comes to drums, businesses who utilize these may find that they are more difficult to maneuver. And they can be, without the proper drum handling equipment! Luckily, your favorite materials handling company in the region, S.W. Betz, carries a full range of drum handling equipment from top manufacturer, Morse. Read on to find out more about these products!

Morse Manufacturing: Drum Handling Equipment for All Warehouse Needsdrum-handling-equipment

What types of specific drum handling equipment are you in need of? For starters, you’ll likely want…

  • Drum Rollers. Drum rollers, or drum mixers/tumblers, are used to thoroughly blend the contents of a drum together so that anything that has settled to the bottom is evenly distributed. The best thing about drum rollers is that they do this without anyone having to open the drum itself, reducing risk of spillage and contamination.
  • Mobile Drum Handlers. Another essential piece of drum handling equipment, mobile drum handlers allow you to adjust the pouring height of your drum so that there is little strain or reach required.
  • Forklift Attachments. In order to carry drums throughout your facility with ease, a forklift attachment specifically designed to carry and transport drums in a secure grip will be absolutely necessary to have.
  • Drum Rackers. For drum storage, you need a piece of drum handling equipment that can lift and rack your drums efficiently. Drum rackers can rack either steel or plastic drums.
  • Drum Trucks. To transport your drums safely across your facility, a typical hand truck will be too small to handle the weight. A drum truck, however, is a piece of drum handling equipment designed specifically with the shape and size of a drum in mind.

If you are interested in learning more about Morse’s drum handling equipment offerings, get in touch with S.W. Betz today.

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