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FAST Principles and Warehouse Design
In warehouse design, FAST principles are meant to make your facility as productive as it can be.

There are two main considerations to be made when designing and building a brand new warehouse. The first is the physical location of the space. Your warehouse should be located close to your customer base and near major highways, so your products can get to your customers as quickly as possible. The second major consideration is how to design the interior of the facility. Again, speed and efficiency is the goal, so utilizing what are known as the FAST principles (standing for Flow, Accessibility, Space, and Throughput) will help your facility be more productive. Here’s how each of the FAST principles affects warehouse design and operation.

F: Flow

Consider the way a river flows the way that nature guides it. Your warehouse is kind of like a river in that processes flow together – but it’s helpful to know that the way you design your warehouse interior will have a huge impact on the way those processes flow. You’ll want to have a nice balance between keeping steps of related processes close together while creating enough space so that you don’t bottleneck any of the steps.

A: Accessibility

Take stock of everything that may be needed in each area of your facility and ensure that these items are easily accessible. This helps keep processes quick and efficient. In addition, the way your products move should be streamlined so they can be accessed in as few steps as possible.

S: Space

Warehouse design experts know that how a facility utilizes its space can make or break the whole operation. You’ll want to dedicate much of your space to storage and stock processing – and keep in mind that once you’ve built out your facility, there will be limited opportunities to add more space later. Take measurements and plan everything out accordingly.

T: Throughput

Throughput refers to the manner in which your products move through the warehouse. If your facility is dealing with a lot of products, your warehouse design can have a major impact on whether those products can move in an efficient fashion. And when looking at throughput, you’ll want to design solutions for when demand is at its highest – that way your facility will operate efficiently even during the busiest periods.

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