Fit Your Fleet with The DuraSweeper® Before Winter
Snow seems like a far off threat, but winter is coming soon enough. Before the weather gets cold, you should make sure that your large vehicles are ready to handle the snowfall. With the use of The DuraSweeper®, you can ensure that snow won’t accumulate on top of your vehicles and threaten the safety of others on the road. If you have a large fleet of vehicles or tractor trailers, then the following will be vital information to prepare for this winter. Let’s take a look.

Snow poses a threat to other drivers on the roads.

When snow accumulates on the tops of vehicles, it must be cleared before your drivers depart for their destinations. If this is not completed, then the snow could fall onto the road and obstruct the view of other drivers. The snow could also fall into the road and cause the asphalt to become more slippery. Any injuries or damages caused by these types of events are your company’s responsibility to compensate for, which makes a simple snow fall a hefty liability.

The DuraSweeper® will clean the snow from your vehicles.

The DuraSweeper® is a large archway that is fitted with a brush to that gently sweeps the snow from the tops of tractor trailers and other large vehicles. The 32’’ bristles are able to completely clean the tops of your vehicles without causing any damage to them. All your drivers need to do is drive through the arch way and The DuraSweeper® will help promote a much safer environment. Grass, salt, quarry dust, and other debris can also be removed effectively using this product.
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