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Keeping your warehouse floor scales calibrated is a simple way to help your company’s bottom line.

Floor scales that are not properly calibrated can cause a lot of problems down the line. Without an accurate weight reading for your stock of items, your daily operations and long-term bottom line will be affected. Rather than taking the chance, you can ensure that your floor scales are meeting the standards of effective operation by looking for a few specific elements. Today we’re going to be touching on a few things that you should look for in your warehouse’s floor scales. Let’s take a look.

Make sure that your floor scales fit your needs.

Different scales operate at different weight limits. One of the first things that you should consider while evaluating floor scale options is the amount of weight that you are potentially going to put on your scales. The size of the items you will be weighing should also be closely examined. For trucks, you will need a different sized scale than say, for pallets. However, these are only the most practical of elements that you should be looking for.

Sturdy scales with a clear readability are going to serve your warehouse much more effectively.

As stated, the success of a scale is based on its ability to weigh accurately. To ensure that your floor scales will meet this standard, you should make sure that you are investing in high quality materials. Impure steel, for example, will bend and warp over time, which will drastically affect the accuracy of your readings. You should also make sure that your floor scales are NTEP certified. Thankfully, when you work with Sw Betz, you will be receiving floor scales that are up to code, installed by experts in all aspects of scale installation and repair.

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