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New Mezzanine Flooring
Your mezzanine flooring will go a long way towards determining how the mezzanine will be used in your facility.

A new mezzanine creates a lot of potential in a warehouse facility, allowing you to have more space for storage or make your processes more efficient. Mezzanines are also customizable so they can be tailored to your facility’s unique needs. An important aspect of the mezzanine which can go a long way towards determining its utility is the flooring. By choosing the best flooring option for your needs, you can ensure your new mezzanine is ready to serve your company mission. Here are a few of the options you can choose from for your new mezzanine flooring.


If your mezzanine is expected to undergo heavy traffic, you should look into ResinDek flooring, available from Cogan. This flooring is undergirded with 20-gauge type corrugated steel for versatility and strength. With a standard ten-year warranty and load bearing options ranging from 2,000 to 8,000 pounds, ResinDek is a sturdy solution that can work for you.

Cogan Diamond Grip Flooring

Safety is an important consideration in a warehouse, and even more so at the mezzanine level. Diamond Grip flooring from Cogan features anti-skid grip dimples to provide workers extra traction and promote safety. The flooring itself is also hardy and resistant to wear and tear damage.

Bar Grating

One common flooring option is bar grating, which has an open design that allows air and light through. Bar grating features exceptional strength and longevity, though it is more limited in its utility than other flooring options. If your intended usage for your mezzanine involves small products or parts, these may fall through the grates, making bar grating less than ideal for your needs. Otherwise, bar grating is a fantastic option that warrants serious consideration.

Concrete Flooring

Concrete is a highly durable option for a mezzanine floor. It’s great for noisy environments and for facilities that require a lot of heavy-duty cleaning such as chemical plants. However, concrete is also the most permanent option available – once it is installed, it is very difficult to reinstall your mezzanine somewhere else if it is needed. If you envision your mezzanine as a permanent addition to your facility, however, concrete flooring may be the best all-around choice available.

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