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New Mezzanine
Use these tips to help you get the most out of your new mezzanine.

If you’ve decided to take advantage of the benefits of a new mezzanine in your warehouse, congratulations! Mezzanines allow you to make effective use of the vertical space of your facility. There are many potential uses for a new mezzanine, making them a valuable tool in your company’s arsenal. However, it is important to research the matter thoroughly so that you can make the most out of your investment. Proper planning will ensure your new mezzanine will be able to stand up to the rigors of regular heavy use. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you plan out your new mezzanine.

Usage Expectations

Have a solid plan in place for how you are planning to use the new mezzanine in the context of your facility’s needs. Some companies install a mezzanine for additional administrative office space. Many use them for excess storage capacity. Others will adapt the usage of their mezzanines according to seasonal demands. What you decide to do with your mezzanine will determine many things in the designing stage of the project.

Determine Your Slab Capacity

The slab capacity of your warehouse will determine whether or not it can handle the additional weight of a mezzanine floor. Prepare to have your slab and soil analyzed if you don’t know the slab capability before having the mezzanine installed.

Layout Considerations

The installation experts at S.W. Betz can help you design a new mezzanine that fits in with the layout of your main floor while still following any and all building code and safety regulations. Also, your mezzanine will need to accommodate all ASTM specifications and be outfitted with safety accessories such as handrails and gates.

Capacity Questions

Mezzanines are designed to handle a specific load capacity, so it’s important to consider how your needs might change in the future. Companies that are anticipating growth are better off designing their new mezzanine to carry more than they need right now for the sake of having that added capacity down the line.

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