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multi-level mezzanines
Adding another level to your mezzanine gives you plenty of storage and organization solutions.

We talked before about how adding a mezzanine to your warehouse will help you increase productivity and storage space, but in some cases adding one level may not be enough. In some warehouses the solution may be to add another mezzanine level to further increase floor space. Here are the advantages of multi-level mezzanines.


The obvious advantage to adding another level to your mezzanine is the increase of floor space and storage. Just like adding the first level of mezzanine, a multi-floor mezzanine takes advantage of the space available and uses it in the most efficient manner. By building up instead of out you’re saving money and don’t have to alter your warehouse.


When your warehouse grows and expands organization becomes more important than ever. More space in your warehouse gives you the room to organize in the most efficient way without compromising efficiency because of floor space limitations. You can even organize so that the inventory and equipment you need the most is on the ground floor, while less used items are on the top.

Office Space

If there’s just no space for a modular office in your current configuration, adding another level to your mezzanine is the perfect solution. Modular offices can be built on any level of a mezzanine, and offer a safe, quiet place for administrative work. Mezzanines are customizable enough so that you don’t need to dedicate an entire floor to office space. You can put and office in one corner while using the rest of the space for storage.

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