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Guardrail Barriers
Guardrail barriers protect your essential equipment and workers from forklift collisions.

There are many things to consider as you evaluate your facility to find ways to make it better. Efficiency is a key area of concern as more efficient processes allow your employees to work faster and smarter and helps your company’s bottom line. Safety is another key area to keep an eye on. It has been shown that just over 11% of forklifts in American facilities are involved in an accident per year, so promoting a safe work environment with guardrail barriers decreases downtime and avoids unnecessary repair work to your essential equipment. Here’s how guardrail barriers keep your equipment and employees safe.

Identifies Important Areas of Your Facility

Guardrail barriers are meant to call attention to particularly important parts of your facility. They are powder-coated with bright, safety yellow paint which helps them stand out in a visually busy environment.


Forklifts can do serious damage to your equipment so you need a heavy-duty barrier that can stand up to the challenge. Guardrail barriers are built with this in mind – the rails themselves utilize roll-formed 13-gauge structural steel and meet the requirements as indicated by the ASTM A011 Grade 45. Guardrail columns are equipped with four 3/4″ holes to anchor them strongly to the warehouse floor. That’s why, when planned and installed by the experts, guardrail barriers can be expected to withstand a ten thousand pound impact at four miles per hour.


Whether you need guardrail to protect your employees or equipment, or both, there are a wide variety of options available to suit your needs. For storage mezzanines, guardrail can be equipped with lift-out gates for easy loading and unloading access. Single and double rail options are also available, and guardrail barriers can also be paired with bollards as part of a complete barrier safety solution for your facility.

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