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A Guide to Selective Pallet Racks
Here is a guide to these pallet racks and help you decide whether they can benefit your business.

Are you interested in selective pallet racks for your business? Even if you are, you might not be sure what they do or what they can do for you. Here is a guide to these pallet racks and help you decide whether they can benefit your business.
Laying Out Selective Pallet Racks
When installing selective pallet racks, you need to know how they will work once in place. One advantage of these racks is that each rack will be arranged in stacks of only one pallet. Two pallet racks can be placed together close together. If lack of space is a concern in your warehouse, then selective pallet racks might be the solution that you’ve been looking for but never expected.
Ensuring Access to Pallet Racks
However, when you use this system, you can reach every pallet in your inventory. When you have many different products, but there isn’t much turnover, this can make a difference when locating the correct item while under pressure. The phrase first in first out applies here, which means that older stock is retrieved before newer stock, as opposed to last in first out, which is where all of the pallets you need are unreachable until the pallets in front of them are taken away. If you previously relied on push back racking in your warehouse, then this concept will be familiar to you.
Determining the Width of the Aisles
You need to know how wide the aisles in your warehouse will need to be. Having narrower aisles doesn’t always mean you are making the most of the space that you have. If the aisles are too narrow, it doesn’t give the forklift driver much room to operate in, which can increase the number of mistakes and loading and unloading time. Ultimately, you will want to decide if the benefits of narrow aisles make sense for you or not. Having wider aisles can make selective pallet racks easier to work with.

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