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Heavy Duty Guardrails
To protect your critical warehouse infrastructure and employees, have heavy duty guardrails installed.

Warehouses are busy places with foot traffic and traffic from forklifts and other vehicles. Safety measures need to be put in place to keep everyone safe from the hazards that are omnipresent in the warehouse environment. It is estimated that 11% of all forklifts in the United States are involved in a workplace accident every year, so every measure you can take to reduce collision damage and potential occupational injuries is crucial. One way you can do this at your facility is by installing heavy duty guardrails – they can protect critical areas of your warehouse and your employees from damage and injury.

A Strong and Durable Barrier

Heavy duty guardrails form a protective wall of steel around your storage areas and the employees working between them and the main floor. Built using high-quality, strong steel, these guardrails are engineered to withstand a 10,000-pound impact at 4 miles per hour. Your equipment and workers on the shop floor will be protected from any traffic accidents or other work hazards.

Where Might Crash Protection Be Needed?

Heavy duty guardrails can be used in a wide variety of different locations at your facility to provide a layer of protection from the devastating effects of a forklift impact.

  • Conveyor Belt Systems
  • Manufacturing Equipment
  • Computer/Server Stations
  • Staircases and Walkways
  • Modular Office Spaces
  • First Aid Stations
  • Restrooms
  • Electrical Panels

A protective barrier of heavy duty guardrails can be formed with rails of a premeasured length or with completely custom-measured rails. These rails can be installed permanently or with lift-out rails that are easy to remove and slip into specially designed saddles which are attached to the columns. For maximum visibility and safety, all heavy duty guardrails are finished with a powder coat of safety yellow paint.

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