How Important are Racking Systems for My Maryland Facility?

Racking systems are an essential component in an industrial facility. Every warehouse needs a storage system that will enable its workers to easily find and move pallets. Installing the rack system helps you to take advantage of every square foot of space in your facility. Here are a few reasons why racking systems in Maryland are a great idea.racking-systems-maryland


Racking systems are designed to withstand great stress, and to hold up for years to come. Each racking systems is installed with high quality components, including steel beams and joining materials. These systems are specifically built with pallet storage in mind. They provide great value for their initial costs.


No matter what industry you work in, racking systems provide for your storage needs. Various types of systems can be installed, and each one is best suited for certain storage management systems. Examples include

  • Gravity Flow Pallet Rack – Best for first in first out (FIFO)
  • Carton Flow Storage Rack – Designed for high volume order picking.
  • Drive In Pallet Rack – Best for last in first out (LIFO)
  • Push-Back Pallet Rack – Increases pallet count while offering more pick options

Traditional Storage

Without a racking system, your facility is forced to use the traditional method of floor stacking. This involves simply stacking the pallets directly on the floor. While this method requires no investment, you will not be properly utilizing your space. Any type of racking system uses more of the vertical space in your facility as well as the floor space, and the extra capacity that these systems provide more than compensate for their costs.

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