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How to Incorporate Pallet Racks into Your Warehouse Design
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With the right pallet racks, you can get the most out of your warehouse. When your warehouse is clean and orderly, your workers can find what they need without too much trouble. Pallet racks make all the difference. Here are some handy tips on how to integrate them into your warehouse.

What You Need to Know About Storage

You will need to think hard about what you keep in your warehouse. That’s because your storage needs dictate the features of your warehouse design. It doesn’t matter how large your warehouse is, because pallets and pallet racks can still benefit you. You will need to meet all load requirements to ensure maximum safety. You don’t want an industrial accident causing any incidents that may damage your productivity or your reputation. Other considerations such as clearance height and aisle width will also play into your decision whether or not you should get pallet racks. Make sure that workflow is preserved or improved because you don’t wish to clutter the busiest part of your floor.

Look at Other Facilities

Sometimes, getting the best results involves looking at what your competitors are doing. You will also need to examine other locations of yours that might already be using pallet racking as a way to increase storage space. Shorter aisles and smaller racks might be what you’ve done in the past, thinking that you’re saving space. This is the opposite of what you want to do. Instead, find others who do this successfully and copy their formula for success.

Add Scalability

That formula will probably include the concept of scalability. If your facility isn’t scalable yet, then it’s time to think about how to achieve that outcome. This way, you can add more pallet racks when you need them, and move them out of the way once you don’t need them as urgently.
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