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Make sure your pallet rack system integrates well with your warehouse design by using these tips.

A good pallet rack system is the foundation of a well-designed warehouse facility. You need to have a setup that incorporates features designed to make your processes as smooth and efficient as possible. Employees need to be able to access products on your pallet rack systems quickly and easily, or you may end up losing money through lost productivity. Before installing a new system, however, it’s worth analyzing your situation and current setup (or the goals for your design if you are building a facility from scratch). Here are some pointers to help you incorporate pallet rack systems into your warehouse design.

Understanding Requirements of Storage

The type of product you have to store in your pallet rack systems will go a long way to determining which setup suits your needs. Of course, load-bearing requirements are important to meet but don’t neglect other aspects such as clearance and aisle widths. You’ll need to design your pallet rack systems to allow product to flow easily and you may have to take some additional steps when considering high-flow areas of the floor.

Examine Similar Facilities

You can learn a lot from taking a look at facilities similar to your own to find out what’s working for them.  Most planners know that setting up racks against walls and opting for short bursts of racks (instead of long unbroken aisles) is bad practice nowadays as they waste valuable floor space. But consider taking a look at successful facilities and emulating their setups.

Implement Scalability

Having the flexibility to scale up as business picks up will give you an advantage in the future. Whether you anticipate steady growth as time goes on or you know certain times of the year are busier than others, scalability of your pallet rack systems will allow you to meet these challenges head-on while still making the most of your space.

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