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Keep the Pressure On: The Service of Pneumatic Tube Systems

Though their function may seem fairly modern, in truth, pneumatic tube systems are more than a century old. The basic technology behind them (using compressed air to transport items through the tube from one location to another) has remained essentially the same since 1893, when the first pneumatic tube system was installed in Philadelphia to connect post offices and transfer mail quickly and efficiently. But just because the concept hasn’t changed much, it doesn’t mean these systems don’t need to receive regular maintenance and service to keep working properly. Read on to find out more about the service of pneumatic tube systems from S.W. Betz.

What Businesses Need Pneumatic Tube Systems?

Pneumatic tube systems add a level of efficiency and convenience to a multitude of business’s day-to-day operations. Because these systems are most useful across short distances (though a 19th century system in New York did at one point cover over 25 miles!), they are commonly used within a single store, factory, or other type of facility and its immediate surrounding area. Banks use pneumatic tube systems at their drive-thru teller stations to allow patrons to deposit and collect money without having to enter the bank itself, cutting down on customer wait times significantly. Hospitals, too, are known to use pneumatic tube systems to transport medical supplies from one floor to another with ease. In a factory or similar building, the system could be used to quickly move tools from one location to another. Regardless of their specific use, however, pneumatic tube systems are most valuable for the convenience they afford.

Finding Service for Pneumatic Tube Systems

The tube system used by your company is instrumental in maintaining its productivity, so if at any point it is not functioning up to par, call S.W. Betz for expert service. Our team has the experience necessary to tackle any issues with your pneumatic tube system, whether the pressure from the compressed air is insufficient or you find another issue with its performance.


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