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New Lockers
New lockers may be a great addition to the utility of your warehouse space.

When most people think of lockers, chances are they probably picture their old locker in high school. Lockers are prevalent in schools because they provide neat, compact storage spaces – ideal for the books and other supplies of hundreds or thousands of students. There are also locker rooms in the sports world where players keep their equipment and uniforms. Lockers can also serve a purpose in the realm of warehouse design. If you’re looking for dedicated storage spaces for your employees, figuring out how to efficiently implement lockers in your facility may be a great idea.

Lockers Can Serve Many Purposes

During the planning stages of locker installation, it’s worth taking a moment to consider the needs of your facility and how new lockers can help. Many jobs require specialized equipment, such as jackets, reflective gear, personal protective equipment, and others. Lockers are a great place to store this specialized gear as well as uniforms, should your facility utilize a uniform rental service. They’re also a great place for employees to store personal items such as mobile phones that can distract them on the floor.

Choosing the Right Lockers

Once you have an idea of how your workers will use their lockers, you’ll then want to consider the issues that might arise and how particular locker designs might work to alleviate them. For example, if the locker is meant to store heavy-duty equipment workers need on the job, it makes sense to consider a heavy-duty, durable material to construct them out of. Lockers meant to hold uniforms and other clothing may benefit from ventilation. And lockers in public spaces can be treated with antimicrobial agents to prevent the spread of bacteria.
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