Magliner Hand Trucks Are a Warehouse Essential


magliner hand trucks
Find out how Magliner handtrucks can help your company!

Moving product is highly useful part of daily warehouse or industrial facility operation. Trying to transport items from your facility to your truck and then to your destination without a proper group of hand trucks is not only difficult, it’s nearly impossible. Today we’re going to be talking about the Magliner brand of hand trucks and why they’re an absolute essential for your company if you handle food or beverage distribution.

What is a hand truck?

Before we can get into what makes the hand truck a great asset, we need to explain what a hand truck is. A hand truck is an upright, two-wheeled, tool for transporting heavy and large items from one place to another. They usually weight less than 25lbs, but can actually handle loads up to 500lbs. Magliner hand trucks in particular offer the ability to interchange parts. This ability allows you to customize your hand trucks for your particular purpose as well as maintain them without adding major costs of replacement. If you need high quality hand truck parts, then please contact us so that we can help you find the perfect solution for your distribution company.

What are the advantages of hand trucks?

Hand trucks, as stated, give you the power to move product from your truck to your destination, but there is truly more to be said. A hand truck is not a machine; it’s a tool. This makes it extremely easy to operate for any employee of any level. Hand trucks do not need daily upkeep either; you can simply use them whenever you like for as long as you like without worrying about power cords or batteries. Electric tools like forklifts, though sometimes necessary, have extensive limitations whereas a hand truck has a limitless use potential. They’re the perfect solution for any food or beverage distribution company’s needs.

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