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Supply Chain Efficiency
Great warehouse design can maximize your supply chain efficiency and increase productivity.

When considering what makes a supply chain efficient, there are a few aspects facility managers often point to first. Things, like partnering with a good logistics company and having the right equipment, are certainly necessary for maximizing supply chain efficiency, though they are by no means sufficient in themselves. Your warehouse design has a larger impact on your supply chain efficiency than you might initially think. Here are three areas to focus on as you begin to plan your warehouse layout.

Frequently Used Items Zone

Maximizing supply chain efficiency in a warehouse involves saving as much time as you can. Purposeful touches such as zones to place frequently picked items can help keep processes moving quickly by minimizing travel time for your handling crew. Some areas where a frequently used items zone might help include packing areas and dispatch desks.

Installing the Best Racking System

While some racking systems are built to accommodate a wide variety of uses, your facility would be better off with one designed especially for your unique needs. A warehouse designed specifically to maximize supply chain efficiency may even utilize multiple racking systems arranged in a careful manner. However, if you have an existing facility and feel that the cost of upgrading your entire racking system is daunting, consider updating just a few areas first. Even this can significantly improve the efficiency of your facility.

Maximize Space Utility

We all know how expensive space can be in a warehouse environment. That’s why efficient facilities make the most out of every square inch of their space. Mezzanines are fantastic additions in this regard since they use the height of your warehouse to create more square footage.

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