Maximizing Storage Density with Pallet Racks  


Optimize your storage density with pallet racks!

Optimizing the density of your stored items is of great importance when designing a layout for your new or existing warehouse. Using an efficient pallet racking system, you can create a clean and highly effective system of storage that will serve your company for years to come. A strong foundation will be the key to the success of your warehouse, so let’s take a look at how you can optimize it.

Update your pallet racks to capitalize on modern efficiency.

Pallets racks have changed in many ways over the years. The materials they are made of have become stronger and lighter. This makes them easier not only to set up, but to use. A stronger frame can hold much heavier objects as well as more densely packed ones. If your pallet racks haven’t been updated in a while, then you may consider the investment.

The sky is the limit with pallet racks.

The width and breadth of your warehouse is very important, however, the height of it is what we’re going to focus on right now. Using an effective pallet racking system, you can take advantage of the tall ceilings of your warehouse without sacrificing necessary aisle space for your carts and personnel.

Aisle strategies are vital when planning pallet racking.

As you design your warehouse layout, you need to consider how the aisles are spaced. Typically, there are three sizes of aisle spacing: 10ft, 8-9ft, and 7ft and under. Deciding on which aisle size is right for your warehouse comes down to the kind of forklift your team is using. Forklifts that have a high maneuverability will be able to handle the tight aisles, allowing you to place more pallet racks throughout the space. However, it should be noted that older forklifts may not handle narrow aisles as well, causing issues down the line.
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