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Mezzanine Level Modular Office
A mezzanine level modular office creates additional space on your warehouse floor and helps your facility be more productive.

One of the best ways to improve productivity and efficiency in a warehouse facility is to have operations managers and supervisors based close to the site of operations. This helps facilitate good communication and helps your business operate at its highest capability. However, it is usually difficult to establish this base in a facility due to space issues. Striking a balance between in-plant office space and space on the floor for your processes is a delicate matter, especially when business picks up. A mezzanine level modular office is a great solution for this potential problem and can help your business thrive.

Mezzanines Add Space

When you need to add space to your facility, there are usually two options, short of moving operations to a larger warehouse. You could add on to your existing facility, but this option is time-consuming and extremely expensive. Mezzanines utilize the currently unused vertical space in your facility to create additional usable space. Depending on the type of mezzanine you decide to employ, it can either be a permanent or a temporary solution. Regardless, it is a much less expensive and time-consuming option than a permanent building addition.

Modular Offices Increase Productivity

Many facilities will use their new mezzanines for extra storage space for their products. However, many others are finding out that there are numerous benefits to having a mezzanine level modular office. It is an efficient way to increase your administrative space to compensate for the increase in your business’ scope of operations. Also, having your operations managers closer to the warehouse floor can help your bottom line by cutting costs and increasing overall productivity.

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